Facebook and Websites complement each other

Facebook is great for things that change often. If you post an event, or new photos, friends may get notifications and come to your page to see. But for an active page, it is difficult for anyone to get an organized view of your qualifications, products or services. Also, it doesn’t help you much if there are people in your target audience who are not on Facebook.

A website is more difficult to keep up-to-date. But it has the advantage that you can organize it, making it a one-stop tool for getting your message across. If you are serious about your Internet presence, you should have both.

The above is a good example. If you want to know what’s happening at Corozal Junior College (CJC), go to their Facebook page. But if you want to know about the courses and admission policies, the website is much better.

Here are some links to local websites. We at do some of these, including our community website, Others are examples for ideas.


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